Avoimet oppimateriaalit ry

Avoimen lisensoinnin puolestapuhuja.

About the association in English

Avoimet oppimateriaalit ry (the Finnish Association for Open Educational Resources1) was founded in September 2012. Its main purpose is to increase the recognition and adoption of open educational resources in Finland. So far the biggest push of the association has been the Vapaa matikka series of grade 10-12 mathematics textbooks. Vapaa matikka is still very much a work in progress and will soon start transition to a new version of the national curriculum. That said, new projects are already on the way.

The association is a strong advocate of Creative Commons licensing, especially of the licenses CC-BY and CC-BY-SA. The primary working method of the association has been hackathon organizing (see Slashdot). As of July 2014, there have been 14 Vapaa matikka hackathons. Some previously written books have also been licensed under a CC license in partnership with the association. These include one book in the Vapaa matikka series, an introduction to Scratch programming and a full 10-book grade 7-9 mathematics textbook series Avoin matematiikka. The last two are currently available on Pekka Peura and Janne Cederberg's Avoin oppikirja site.

If you are interested in participation, collaboration or anything else for that matter, please contact us.

1. As of yet the association has no registered English name; therefore the translation is unofficial.